Confirmation Program

Confirmation is a two-year process and is normally received in the 8th grade. However, if your child did not attend religious education classes in the seventh grade or did not attend a Catholic school for the 8th grade, they will be required to attend the first year of preparation and will be prepared for Confirmation during their second year.


Confirmation classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm to 8:45pm. Attendance is very important. Students are permitted to miss up to 3 classes per semester, which is a total of 6 absences for the year. Students who miss more than 6 classes will not have met the requirements for the first year of preparation.

During the course of their Confirmation preparation, all students are required to complete 35 CSH (Community Service Hours). CSH must be dated between the first and last day of the Religious Education program.

More Information

CCD Office

  • John Fernandez, Director, Religious Education and Damis Gonzalez: (305) 253-3081